One of the most difficult – and most important – choices that we as pet owners have to make, is the decision to end the life of a pet who is suffering or otherwise ready to pass on. Here at Country Club Animal Clinic, we recognize the importance of the bond you share with your pet, and we will be there when it’s time to say goodbye.

A number of options exist, and we will customize our procedure to meet your needs. For example, some pet owners prefer to stay with the pet throughout the procedure, while others say their goodbyes and leave the rest to us.

EuthanasiaLikewise, one pet may happily climb into our assistant’s lap while another would be distressed at handling. For this reason, we tailor the details of the procedure to the needs of the patient and the requirements of their caretakers. If your pet has been our long-term patient but still isn’t enthusiastic about coming to see us, we might prescribe a strong sedative to be given at home prior to bringing her in. In most cases, we’ll give a sedative at first that will allow the pet to gradually relax, often while gobbling treats or lying in the lap of a loved one. Then she won’t even know it when we slip the final injection – an overdose of barbiturate – into her vein.

We know how much you care. We’ll be there when you need us most.