Beginning in 2020, Country Club Animal Clinic is now offering acupuncture for dogs and cats.

Dr Roberts is working toward certification with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Association (IVAS), the world’s preeminent training program for veterinarians seeking to expand their medical practice to include this fascinating treatment modality.

Acupuncture is a facet of Traditional Chinese (Veterinary) Medicine – TCVM – and has been practiced for thousands of years on humans as well as animals. Based on observation and the idea of balancing the self, it aims to treat the whole body (and mind) rather than specific symptoms.

Most dogs and many cats tolerate and even seem to welcome treatment, visibly relaxing during the course of treatment. In today’s era of modern understanding, acupuncture isn’t meant to replace “western” medicine but rather provide an additional option in cases where the underlying problem isn’t clear, or western therapies are not able to address the problem.

A few conditions for which we are seeing benefits include:

__Diarrhea and other GI upset
__Acute vomiting
__Arthritis and back pain
__Seizures and other brain disorders
__Separation anxiety and other emotional conditions
__Coughing and asthma
__Discomfort due to trauma and injury
__Many eye and ear problems

While this is a new service at Country Club Animal Clinic, we have been impressed so far with response to therapy in a number of cases.

It’s important to recognize that acupuncture is not meant to replace “western” medicine but rather approach constitutional abnormalities from a “holistic” point of view. That is, by stimulating points along established pathways within the body, we access the body’s own ability to heal or reduce pain. We find it often works best in those cases where test results are not diagnostic, or where western medicine doesn’t yet have a successful treatment, or where the accepted treatment doesn’t provide optimal response.

Country Club Animal Clinic today if you are interested in pet Acupuncture – we will be happy to answer any further questions (760) 776-7555