Pet Microchipping Palm Desert, CA from Country Club Animal ClinicPet Microchipping In Palm Desert, CA: Permanent Pet Identification

Pet microchipping has become the standard among pet lovers throughout the world. Naturally, the chip itself has evolved over the past 30 years as well! If your pet becomes lost or otherwise separated from you, and is presented to a veterinarian, shelter, or veterinary emergency hospital, a quick scan will locate and read the unique identifying number programmed into the chip, to aid in returning them home to you in the shortest possible time.

Pet Microchipping Implants From Country Club Animal Clinic

Country Club Animal Clinic implants the Datamars international (ISO) microchip. This tiny biocompatible chip – about the size of a grain of rice – is inserted beneath the skin, typically between the shoulder blades. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and the injection itself only a second or two. In most cases, the pet barely reacts at all! You are welcome to observe if you like. All of our own pets are “chipped” – including Rocky the parrot!

Of course, getting the pet “chipped” is just the first step. If it’s not registered, there is still no way for it to be traced to you. If you obtain your pet with the chip already in place, it’s up to you to register it. At Country Club Animal Clinic, we take care of this for you! We will register the chip under your name with Petlink, the most widely-used microchip database in the world.

A common misconception about microchips is that it can somehow be traced. This idea is sometimes met with enthusiasm – the way GPS tracking for a car or phone might help you track these items if they go missing. In other instances, the concern that some outside entity might use it to “spy” on the pet owner has engendered alarm and even prevented people from choosing to chip. However you would feel about it, it simply isn’t the case. We do recommend a product for GPS tracking of lost pets that attaches to the collar and requires monthly recharging: TAGG, the pet tracker

Riverside County Animal Services recently added pet microchipping as a requirement for licensing here, and they are becoming more assertive in pursuing licensing. We have been told that employees of some local shelters won’t look up microchips that are not registered directly with the county, and associated with a dog license. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you not only license your dog, but ensure that microchip information is accurate. At Country Club Animal Clinic, the microchip number is automatically included on all Rabies certificates.