Contractors & Contributors

The following businesses are some of those that helped build the new Country Club Animal Hospital – these are the artists and artisans who contributed work, and anyone else whom we feel deserves kudos.

Gatt Construction – Our fabulous general contractor – highly recommended for any remodel, painting, or sandblasting project!

Eco Surfaces – is the company that manufactures our recycled rubber flooring.

The Works Floor & Wall – in Cathedral City did an outstanding job installing a rubber floor product they had never worked with before. The manufacturer told us this floor could not be covered but guess what – it can!

Vetrazzo – is the manufacturer of the eco-friendly counter-tops made from recycled glass bottles. Many shades available.

Classyprints – The printer who helped design my “etched glass” exam room doors, then installed them. Unfortunately, the artist who brought the designs to life, Tom Hunnicutt, does not have a website and has moved to a new location.

Many others have been involved in the project, or have helped before or since. More links may appear here as websites are developed. Thanks to all who made it possible!