COVID-19 Policies

Like many businesses in the Coachella Valley, we at Country Club Animal Clinic have been carefully monitoring the ongoing State of Emergency regarding COVID-19.  We have always practiced, and will of course continue to practice stringent disinfectant protocols and frequent hand-washing.  We have numerous hand-washing stations (ie, sinks) throughout the clinic and invite you to take advantage of our medical-grade anti-microbial soap during your visit.  However, the primary mode of transmission of the novel Corona virus appears to be direct, person-to-person contact.

Therefore, we are developing several ways to limit interpersonal contact between our clients and other people, including staff, within the clinic.

  • Despite the single case of a positive test for COVID-19 in a dog in Hong Kong, there is virtually no concern for pets carrying, transmitting, or becoming ill from the virus.  Therefore our primary concern in this instance is you, the pet’s caretaker.  We are taking steps to minimize the contact between clients and staff, or clients with each other.
  • To date, none of our team members have experienced any symptoms or known exposure to the virus.  However, we will follow recommended quarantine-and-testing guidelines should this change.
  • Until the crisis has passed (probably mid to late April), we ask that you postpone non-urgent visits such as vaccine, and wellness, and routine senior appointments.  This will enable us to schedule a little more time between appointments, focusing only on pets with urgent health issues and reducing the likelihood of close contact between clients while at the clinic.
  • We will move pets and clients into exam rooms as quickly as possible, further reducing interpersonal contact.  Once inside the exam room, we will avoid the usual handshake and will strive to maintain physical distance.  We will offer to remove the pet to another room for the needed exam and any procedures indicated.
  • If your pet requires an examination, consider dropping him or her off for a short period.  We are also very willing to collect your pet curbside – simply phone us on arrival and let us know you are requesting this service.  It would be helpful if you could first email us with the reason for your visit (or explain it on the phone when scheduling).  We will call or text you with any questions or recommendations.
  • Surgical or dental procedures will proceed as scheduled, unless you prefer to reschedule.  Upon request, we can arrange to email necessary documents which you can approve by return message, allowing you to more readily drop your pet off either outside or at the front desk.
  • If you’re not already taking advantage of our card-on-file payment solution, consider doing so now.  This allows you to authorize payment remotely, further minimizing interpersonal contact.
  • Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!  Together we will all get through this crisis!

Lillian M Roberts, DVM
and the team at Country Club Animal Clinic